July 31, 2014


 mostly i dislike ‘allistic’ as the word for non-autistic because of the way people use it. it gets us out of saying ‘neurotypical’ or ‘nondisabled’, it separates us out from the disability community. ive never actually seen a post saying ‘don’t reblog if you don’t have a mobility impairment,’ or anything like that. people who aren’t physically disabled use ‘crip’ to talk about disability activism rampantly. (which would indicate we’re all united, all people with disabilities, regardless of whether that language really applies.) but for some reason Allistic is supposed to be a thing, a unified group of people Against Us. it doesn’t work that way. we’re not special. we’re fucking disabled, and sometimes it just seems like another way to distract from that. or to distance ourselves from ID/DD people in general hahaha i mean what.

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July 26, 2014


tbh autistic headcanons make me uncomfortable.

Aside from personal issues I have with them, from what I know autism does affect how one acts… so if a character does not act autistic, it would be pretty strange to headcanon them as autistic.

"from what i know"

ok i’m guessing from this you’re not autistic and unless you are you shouldn’t really be talking about this tbh because it’s not your place?

like i do understand feeling uncomfortable about it but i can assure you that most autistic headcanons are made by actual autistic people, because they see things in themselves in those characters, so there’s really nothing to feel uncomfortable about.

July 26, 2014



Image description:

Her Royal Meanness © 1998 by Lynda Barry ( thenearsightedmonkey )

It’s because of my teacher I started liking weirdos. It’s Mrs. Fennewald’s fault. Before her, weirdos were just weirdos to me. I am normal so why should I care? Before her meanness I never had to stick up for weirdos. That’s my secret name for Mrs. Fennewald. Her royal meanness.

(image: two kids talking)

Boy: “Arna. I got a favor to ask you.”

Girl: “What?”

Boy: “Can I have a doll or yours? One you hate?”

Girl: “What for?”


Usually the teacher is supposed to stick up for the weirdos and tell the normals about kindness. Now all the normals have to figure out kindness by themselves because we got a teacher who keeps shouting about out there in the world. She points at a weirdo and points out the window and says out there in the world no one is going to put up with you.

Image: Boy leaning over doll, saying “Eeeney meanie chili beeni the spirits are about to speak.”


Does she think weirdos are weirdos on purpose? That they can change their weird hair, posture, personality, smell, house they live in with very weird parents? “Straighten up!” she yells. She whacks the desk with a ruler. She says by the fifth of June all of us will be ready for out there in the world. Now turn to page 28 in Spelling for Word Mastery.

Image: Boy sticking pins in upper lip of doll, saying “How does it feel, Mrs. Fennewald?”


Jeanette the hare lip still won’t talk since Mrs. Fennewald told her she can’t cover her mouth. Jeanette the true love of my life got sent to the office and the principal said for Mrs. Fennewald to be patient. Now Mrs. Fennewald calls on Jeanette for every question. “Jeanette?” she says. And we watch the red second hand go round and round. There is such a thing as witches. There is such a thing as magic spells.

Image: Teacher’s face with pain lines on upper lip, saying “Yow! Class… Yow!!! Excuse me, a-hem. I was saying… Ow!! Yow!!”


one of the themes that runs through a lot of lynda barry’s stories is that real life never works out the way fairy tales do. a lot of her characters say things like “if i was the star of this movie, it would turn out like this…” but the kids in her stories always know they are not the star of the movie, and there is not going to be a magical happy ending. the kids are usually able to even articulate WHY they are not the star of the movie, and it’s usually because they are weird-looking or poor or queer or whatever, and even an 8-year-old knows that the star of the movie doesn’t look like us.

in most of her drawings, the kids are notably “ugly”: covered with spots, with crooked teeth and thick glasses and odd hairdos. i was a very weird-looking kid who was considered ugly by pretty much everybody i came in contact with, including my own family. lynda barry’s drawings were the only place i saw people who seemed to look and move like me when i was growing up. almost none of her comics are explicitly about disability but so many of them capture what it’s like to be a kid who’s treated as not-quite-human. she writes about child abuse and neglect and racism and poverty and queer/non-binary kids and kids that i headcanon as autistic. lynda barry i have loved you for so long, i cannot believe you have a tumblr (ღ˘◡˘ღ)

July 26, 2014
me pointing to fictional character: they're autistic
allistic large crying voice: No.. you dont underknow .. Stop.. thats not a autism you are wrong… please… please stop talking about the autism you are too wrong for it… You cannot say this fake thing
me pointing to fictional character: luv this autistic
July 26, 2014

what was your first special interest, that you can remember?

July 26, 2014

i-put-the-sad-in-camisado said: hey what exactly are eugenics?? and why are u against them?? and why it is unusual to be pro choice and anti eugenics?? im v confused


eugenics is hard for me to describe as a concept but in practice it generally means stopping disabled people from being born

therefore it’s sometimes difficult to be pro-choice and anti-eugenics because while i believe everyone should have the right to do what they want with their bodies a lot of disabled fetuses are aborted purely because they are disabled (which is eugenics) and while i still believe people have the right to do that (because i would rather someone like that end their pregnancy than carry it to term and abuse or mistreat the child) i want there to be more positive education available to pregnant people regarding disability, to reduce and hopefully one day end abortion based on disability

also i’ve seen eugenics being used as an anti-choice argument (usually by cis disabled men) and vice versa (generally from abled feminists) which is why i have that in my description, although i’ve been meaning to change it for a while to something less hostile-sounding haha

i hope that all made sense!!

July 26, 2014



"Haha! Americans don’t have free healthcare!"

Yeah it’s actually a serious problem people are literally dying can this stop being a silly nationalistic insult?

Also the health care system is terrible everywhere, it’s more classist in the US, but its terrible and abusive in places with universal health care as well.

June 22, 2014

autbucky replied to your post: i’ve never met a self-diagnosed person…

i think they mix up ppl who actually think they might have an illness and ppl who joke about it. probably intentionally, bc it gives them more ammunition.

yep lmao

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June 22, 2014

even if someone believes themself to have something and talks about it and then later realises they were wrong i could not care less

i’m sure they had legitimate reasons to self diagnose and if that label was helpful to them then more power to them, honestly

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June 22, 2014

i’ve never met a self-diagnosed person who didn’t use the word “maybe” or “possibly” or “i think” like a hundred times every time they talked about their self diagnosis anyway

i don’t know a single self diagnosed person that talks over diagnosed people about ableism or whatever

i don’t know a single person who genuinely believes they have a certain disorder or whatever and uses that as an excuse to behave a certain way

like, i don’t even know what people are fighting against. oh no, someone on the internet might be wrong about their brain problems, who the fuck cares

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