June 22, 2014

autbucky replied to your post: i’ve never met a self-diagnosed person…

i think they mix up ppl who actually think they might have an illness and ppl who joke about it. probably intentionally, bc it gives them more ammunition.

yep lmao

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June 22, 2014

even if someone believes themself to have something and talks about it and then later realises they were wrong i could not care less

i’m sure they had legitimate reasons to self diagnose and if that label was helpful to them then more power to them, honestly

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June 22, 2014

i’ve never met a self-diagnosed person who didn’t use the word “maybe” or “possibly” or “i think” like a hundred times every time they talked about their self diagnosis anyway

i don’t know a single self diagnosed person that talks over diagnosed people about ableism or whatever

i don’t know a single person who genuinely believes they have a certain disorder or whatever and uses that as an excuse to behave a certain way

like, i don’t even know what people are fighting against. oh no, someone on the internet might be wrong about their brain problems, who the fuck cares

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June 22, 2014

i don’t know how many times i have to say the nhs supports self diagnosis before it sinks in

like, there are doctors who you are supposedly defending who disagree with you anyway so what is the point

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June 22, 2014

for example-i think that saying someone has “poor/no social skills” etc is always ableist, even if you are referring to an abled person for overstepping their boundaries or being creepy, and i see this a lot on tumblr without any criticism.

because having poor social skills is a trait that is strongly linked to multiple neurological disorders, and you’re implying that someone’s a bad person for it. that’s ableist.

If the problem is that someone’s being creepy and overstepping their boundaries, then name the problem! don’t put all people with social difficulties down because someone’s being a creep.

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June 22, 2014

i think when people talk about ableist language sometimes they don’t realise that just because a word can be used in an ableist way, it doesn’t make it inherently ableist?

like you can’t ban words like “childish” or “incompetent” just because they’ve been used against disabled people, you might as well ban language. I think it’s important to talk about how these words are used against disabled people in discussions of ableist language, but they’re not slurs or anything.

(sidenote-I do think that “childish” is overhelmingly used in ableist ways, but not always, and I think there is a difference between saying “in this specific instance, you are acting like a child” and a word like “manchild”, which i find disgusting as it implies someone is literally an adult child and i shouldn’t have to explain why that’s gross)

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June 22, 2014

northerngospel replied to your post: the thing with self diagnosis of menta…

Ppl raised in ableist environments tend to fear difference. Unavoidably this makes them distrust their own thoughts. The doctor must be trusted because otherwise the system has no ability to remove the bad thoughts and bad difference.

oh that is a good point

but i was more just talking about when anti-self dx people act like doctors always know better than self dx’ed people as if doctors are infallible?

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June 21, 2014

i obviously think self diagnosis of physical conditions can be valid too!! but i also think that’s generally more accepted than self-dx’ing mental conditions when you generally have suffered with the physical condition for a much shorter length of time which feels kind of backwards to me

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June 21, 2014

the thing with self diagnosis of mental condtons is

it’s usually something you’ve had like, your whole life, or at least a number of years, before you figure out there might possibly be a name for it

and a doctor knows you for a couple of hours and if they come to a different conclusion to you they’re supposed to understand your brain better than you do just because they have a degree?

like i’m not discrediting doctors or anything but that just doesn’t seem right to me

June 20, 2014

weasels-king-henry said: Hello! I've just started watching British/French TV series The Tunnel (which is an adaptation of Danish/Swedish series The Bridge), and the main female protagonist is aspergic, which I thought you might like to know! Apparently she's aspergic in the original series too (I'm a bit excited!).

ah cool, the bridge was already on my to watch list but i didn’t know about the remake!!