September 30, 2014

Anonymous said: Who are some celebrities or famous people that have Autism?


It’s not really our place to ask. If they don’t want us to know, we should respect their privacy.

— Samby

i think they just mean people who are openly autistic?

September 26, 2014

i managed to give myself a headache thinking about disability and gender and stuff so i’m going to bed! good night

September 26, 2014

ausmetallen said: Also I am actually 12 sometimes and I giggled so much at your blog title, bless.

:D my blog title IS amazing but i can’t take credit for it, it’s from this brilliant post. come to think of it i should probably credit differentblogtitle in my about or something oops

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September 26, 2014

ausmetallen said: I feel like my reply to your reply re: autism and creepy dudes and stuff was a clusterfuck. My brain's been jumbled as fuck lately in terms of language so plz let me know if something doesn't make sense.

no it’s fine don’t worry about it! tbh i’ve been struggling to put my feelings about this particular topic into words for like, an hour lol so i get it no worries.

btw i wanna point out i wasn’t disagreeing with your post at all in case i didn’t make that clear! i just wanted to add something because i think this is a complicated issue and that it affects autistic women and nb people more than a lot of people probably realize.

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September 26, 2014


Okay, but basically:

As an autistic guy, it does suck a little that my behavior could make others uncomfortable even when I am being self-aware and respecting their personal space, boundaries, etc.

But you know what? Being in any way visibly neurodivergent means people view you differently in GENERAL. Autistics who are not men also make people uncomfortable because neurodivergent people make NTs uncomfortable! Therefore this isn’t some special thing that Only Happens to Poor Autistic Men because of the Big Bad Feminists— and PS, feeling uncomfortable around (some or many) men is in no way feminist-exclusive.

Plus feeling threatened and uncomfortable is wayyyyyy worse to experience than making someone feel that way. Speaking from personal experience here.

yes this is true.

however i do think that unfortunately things like “poor social skills” gets used as an insult far too often on here by people who are supposed to be progressive, often as an insult towards men, even though this is ableist and hurts autistic and otherwise neurodivergent women and nb people just as much, if not more than autistic men, and i think that needs to be discussed more often. i find this topic difficult to grapple with, as an autistic woman and a feminist-i think a lot of the time this line of discussion ends with neurotypical people saying things like “autism is not an excuse for x behaviour” which makes me intensely uncomfortable even when it’s correct, because that particular rhetoric has been used to often in ways that are harmful to disabled people.

September 24, 2014



bearhugsbeerhugs said: oo interesting. Winston pings for me more than Schmidt but I can see it.

!! winston definitely pings for me too!! but then again they pretty much ALL do so

I would LOVEEEEE if Jess was an aspie. That would make her less annoying and more awesome. But she’s still cool as a nerdy hipster neurotypical ;D

i tooootally headcanon jess as autistic because i actually relate to her a lot? i feel like she’s the sort of character people say “no-one’s REALLY like that” about but i have a lot in common with her!

September 23, 2014



profoundly uncomfortable with the ahistorical claims that an official diagnosis is a sign of privilege when certain, official diagnoses have been used to control marginalized populations. 

to clarify: a diagnosis, in of itself, is not a thing. gender, racial, economic biases all will effect who is and who isn’t given a certain diagnosis.

a diagnosis itself can be used to control and subvert the autonomy of a person if they are labelled as non-compliant, one diagnosis can be used to prove that a person must be X or must NOT be Y and that may lead to decreased medical care over a lifetime. 

yeah, and the fact that a diagnosis can be used in this way is a reason a lot of people might not want to get a diagnosis, so referring to a diagnosis as a “privilege” in and of itself is actually really unhelpful to people who self-diagnose.

September 21, 2014

unpopular opinion possibly but i actually have no problem with nonautistic actors portraying autistic characters, PROVIDED they portray them respectfully. like it isn’t ideal, but at the same time i can understand why a lot of autistic people may not want to be actors for reasons related to their neurotype (additionally i believe there ARE some relatively famous actors working today who may be autistic but are either unaware of it or choose not to disclose it which is totally reasonable!!)

September 21, 2014

What I did today while other family members had an intense conversation about emotionally difficult issues


What I did today while other family members had an intense conversation about emotionally difficult issues

September 21, 2014

does anyone know of any etsy stores etc run by autistic people that sell reasonably priced weighted blankets? most of the places i’m looking at atm are run by nonautistic people, feature puzzle pieces on their website, and are very much geared towards parents/teachers/carers etc, and tbh if i’m gonna shell out a load of money for a blanket i’d rather support an actual autistic person :/